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The northwest coast of Baja strongly resembles the coastline of central California.

On the road

The next morning I awake to a crowing rooster and crashing waves. It's nice to be watching the ebb and flow of the waves outside my camper window instead of the ebb and flow of stock prices on CNBC. I head south out of camp on a road that is a mix of dirt track with a few brief four-wheel drive sections. At one point, the dry streambed crossing is so steep my front bumper scrapes the ground as I reach the bottom of the arroyo and begin to climb up the other side. A two-wheel drive truck or a longer wheelbase truck probably couldn't have made it through this section. No RVs that I know of would have a chance at navigating this road. The steep, twisty dirt road continues along the pacific coast and views are as spectacular as anything I've seen in California.

Back on the paved road, I stop for lunch in San Vicente and order "dos tacos de pescado" from the roadside stand. Actually, I pointed to the fish tacos and held up two fingers, since my Spanish was so limited I couldn't even order two fish tacos. They were so good I ordered and ate "dos más."

I decided that I should not waste too much time on the southbound trip and would use the trip south to identify places that I wanted to spent more time exploring on my way back north. After quickly checking things out on the southbound leg of my adventure, I would take my time exploring and photographing on the return north. This would get me to Cabo San Lucas more quickly where I would hopefully resolve my cash problems. With my Cabo goal in mind, I continued south with no specific plans for a camping spot for the night. I would just drive, and a couple of hours before dark, I would stop at the first camp I came too.

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