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Some of the roadside "safe travel" shrines were very elaborate. This shrine was constructed better than many of the homes I saw.

Watch those turn signals!

As if all of this wasn't enough, Bajacalifornianos (inhabitants of Baja California) have very strange signaling practices. If you are following someone, and they turn on their left turn signal, it can indicate one of several things: 1) They are about to turn left. 2) They are signaling that it is OK for you to pass them. 3) They are signaling to oncoming traffic to move over. It doesn't take long to find the faults with this system, and I'm sure this practice alone has helped stimulate the "unfortunate demise" shrine business in Baja. I decided it was best to consider turn signals as pretty flashing lights that had no significance.

Night Driving

Night Driving is one topic that all of my guidebooks agreed upon. Night driving only requires one word of advice - DON'T. It is easy to see why. It seems that cows - particularly black cows - like to sleep on the roads at night since the roads tend to hold the heat and stay warm. Many Mexican drivers like to drive at night with their lights off, either in a misguided attempt to conserve electricity, or so that they can better see other drivers who presumably have their lights on. Needless to say, night driving is yet another good way to earn your own personal roadside shrine.

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