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Camping near San Josť del Cabo on the final remaining beach campground in the Los Cabos area

The End of the Peninsula

I was finally made it to Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost point on the Baja Peninsula. I drove into town looking for the American Express office to see if I could get an advance on my credit card. No, they couldn't give me a cash advance, but to my total surprise, they would cash a personal check! As an American Express card holder, I had personal check cashing privileges. Before they had time to change their minds, I quickly wrote a check for $1,000 US (about 10,000 pesos).

The man began counting out 1,000-peso notes. No, no I protested, "doscientos" (200). A 1,000-peso note is roughly equal to $100, an absurdly large amount of money in Mexico. Outside of the major tourist areas, it would be impossible to cash or break a 1,000-peso note. Even a 200-peso note (about $20 US) was large and sometimes difficult to spend in remote areas. He finally got the message and gave me a huge stack of 200, 100 and 50 peso notes. On the way back to my truck, I guarded the stack of pesos like it was gold. Just when I had almost given up on anything working in Mexico, something very important had worked - I now had enough cash buy the diesel fuel I needed to drive back home.

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