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White powder sand, blue sky and cool water!

All day long, pelicans are dive-bombing for fish. I never tire watching them fly along, go into a stall, and splash like a missile into the water in their endless quest for fish. When they really got going, a group of five or more all dive into the same area at the same time in what looks like a coordinated missile attack.

After watching the sunset and eating dinner, I sat under the clear sky looking at the stars and listening to the gentle lap of the waves. I've seen skies this clear high in the mountains of Colorado, but I don't remember ever seeing the stars so clear at any beach. Most of the beaches where I've camped are near cities, and the light from the cities ruins the night sky. I gazed into the clear black sky with the infinitely dazzling stars as the lapping waves soothingly serenaded me. This was truly an extraordinary experience.

The next morning, I am awakened by sounds of a truck on the beach. After seeing so much trash and disregard for Baja's beauty, it is refreshing to see a work crew cleaning up the beaches of Ensanadas de los Muertos after the Semana Santa festivities. They spend two full days cleaning up every last piece of litter and leave the beach in a pristine state. After seeing so many beautiful places in Baja blighted with litter, it is encouraging to see people actually working to keep this incredible place from being ruined.

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