1998-2012 EarthRoamer

San Luis Gonzaga

My spirit sores as I begin to believe that I really will get out of Mexico safely. I'm not a very religious person, but I feel like I had a little help finding my way to the mission. I take a few minutes to photograph the mission and the only sound interrupting the silence is a crowing rooster. A man looks out the door of a nearby house and gives me a warm wave. The rising sun begins to warm my bones. I've never felt more relieved, optimistic and thankful. My problems aren't over yet, but there is hope.

I head out of San Luis Gonzaga on a road that I would have considered rough a couple of weeks ago, but after the trails I've just traveled the dirt road feels like a paved freeway. I'm now able to achieve speeds of over 20 miles per hour, and I'm only 24 miles from pavement! Earlier this morning I thought it might take days to get back to the Transpeninsular, but now it is only about an hour away.

After a couple of miles, the road becomes completely covered in deep sand, which works out well since it is very smooth driving. I continue on, and sure enough, I'm back on pavement. After only a couple of miles, I spot a pick-up truck with a broken drive shaft hanging below. Eager to accumulate more good Karma, I stop to offer assistance, but he declines and says he already has help was on the way.

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