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No, this isn't the cop who "bit" me, he wasn't kind enough to pose for a photo. Many of the Mexican cops were driving Dodge Rams and these two were kind enough to pose for a picture.

La Mordida (the bite)

On my way out of La Paz, I was jolted to my senses by a flashing light in my rear view mirror. Sure enough, I was being pulled over by one of La Paz's finest. He couldn't speak English, and you are already aware of my Spanish deficiency, so once again I got to play charades - this time with a Mexican cop.

He thought I had been driving too fast and got his point across by repeatedly pointing to my speedometer. He retrieved a sheet of paper and pointed to a fine of 800 pesos. 800 pesos - that is over $80! What is this guy trying to do, pay off the national debt? After more charades, the "fine" was reduced to 500 pesos. More charades, and we were down to 400 pesos. I finally got bored with the game and offered him a 200 peso note. "¡Se, se, no ticket!" Gee, imagine that, for about US $20, he could take care of the fine right on the spot without the troublesome bother of a ticket.

I had naively thought that bribing police officers in Mexico was just a bad stereotype, but as I had just discovered "the bite" is alive and well in La Paz. Not only had a cop just ripped me off, since bribery is officially illegal I had just committed my first crime in Mexico.

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