Dodge Ram 2500 HD
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   Cooling System
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   Audio System
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   Recovery Equipment
   Fuel System
   Transmission & Transfer Case
   Tires and Wheels
   Onboard Air

Camper Overview
   Furniture & Interior
   Interior Lighting
   Electrical System
   Environmental Systems
   Water System

Pop-up Camper and Utility Bed
   Pop-up Tent Camper
   Utility Bed

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   ER2K with expedition camper

Camper Interior

Maple veneered plywood cabinets
Cabinet latches
Therm-a-rest LE Camp Rest mattresses

The interior of my SVM camper is designed to accommodate two adults comfortably. With a camper having a primary living space of only 82 inches wide by 80 inches long, the efficient design of the interior feels very spacious.

The rear entry door opens to an aisle with a 6 foot ceiling height. The booth seating with fully adjustable swing out table seats two people. A pass-through between camper and truck cab enables moving between the cab and camper without leaving the vehicle. This offers the benefit of both increased security and improved convenience.

Maple plywood cabinets provide storage for clothes, food, cooking utensils, chemical toilet and computer and photo equipment. I can also use the back seat of the quad cab for storage or as an additional bed when camping.

Even though the my camper is small compared to many RVs, I mainly use it for sleeping, getting out of bad weather, showering, eating light meals and as an office. It provides ample space as a bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom, but when I'm on the road, my living room is the world outside my camper.

When used as an office, the bench seat and table are my seat and desk, and the bed and counter can be used to lay out and organize materials. I normally prepare and eat breakfast and lunch in my camper, and either eat out or use an outdoor barbecue grill for dinner. If the weather or bugs are bad, I eat inside, otherwise I prefer to eat outside.

It would be a complete waste of space to have a dedicated shower or bathroom in a camper this size, since each is only used for a few minutes each day. The shower takes up no living space when not in use, and the chemical toilet is discreetly hidden in a cabinet. To use the shower, a trap door in the floor is opened to reveal a shower pan recessed in the floor and the shower curtain is snapped to the ceiling. To use the toilet, a cabinet door is opened and the toilet is slid out.

The over-cab bunk with Therm-a-rest Camp Rest mattresses is 6 foot 5 inches long by 4 foot 2 inches wide. I've used light weight Therm-a-rest mattresses when backpacking and tent camping for years and found them to be very comfortable. The thick Camp Rest mattresses are still much thinner than typical RV foam mattresses, and are very comfortable. If I spill a drink on them they can be easily wiped clean. In dusty and dirty environments they don't hold dust and dirt like a foam mattress does.