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Front and Rear Heavy Duty Aluminum Bumpers

Description Manufacturer Purchased from
Heavy duty aluminum front bumper with off highway lighting mounts, winch mounts and lift/tow shackles Denver Off Road Denver Off Road, Denver, Colorado
phone 970-858-8400 cell 970-270-6655

In my opinion, Denver Off Road builds the absolute best heavy duty truck bumpers. I've spent a lot of time with Layne at Denver Off Road, and he is a master craftsman at designing and fabricating bumpers. His quality and workmanship are impeccable. His bumpers are fabricated from 3/8 inch plate aluminum and are incredibly strong, but weight is not a problem like it is with many heavy duty steel bumpers. The complete front bumper weighs in at 138 lbs and since it's aluminum, it will never rust.

Front Bumper
The Front bumper is constructed of 3/8" plate aluminum, has an integrated winch mount for a Warn 12,000 lb. winch and mounts for off highway or driving lights. The integrated shackles can be used for lifting with a hi-lift jack, or with a recovery strap during recovery operations.

Weight (Aluminum vs. Steel)
The front axle of the Cummins Dodge Ram is already pretty close to the maximum load capacity. While I considered both Reunel and Pro Zap steel bumpers, and they appear to be high quality products, I feel they are simply too heavy. By the time the weight for a bumper, 12,000 pound winch and auxiliary lighting is added up, you're probably looking at 450 pounds or so for the steel bumpers vs. less than 300 pounds for the Denver Off Road aluminum bumper.

Also, a bumper system is only going to be as strong as what it's mounted to. The frame up front where the bumper is mounted isn't very heavy. The Denver Off Road aluminum bumper and brackets are certainly stronger than the frame, so any extra strength provided by a steel bumper is useless.

Rear Bumper
The rear bumper is a custom design with lockable inside storage, pivoting tire rack, winch mount and a fold down step. The rear bumper, in addition to holding a Warn 9000 lb. winch, also has room for a Hi-lift jack, warn heavy duty snatch block, recovery straps, chains and a shovel. It also has integrated shackles that can be used for lifting with a hi-lift jack, or with a recovery strap during recovery operations.