Dodge Ram 2500 HD
   Differential & Driveline
   Cooling System
   Batteries & Charging System
   Instrumentation & Controls
   Audio System
   Security Systems
   Seats & Seatbelts
   Recovery Equipment
   Fuel System
   Transmission & Transfer Case
   Tires and Wheels
   Onboard Air

Camper Overview
   Furniture & Interior
   Interior Lighting
   Electrical System
   Environmental Systems
   Water System

Pop-up Camper and Utility Bed
   Pop-up Tent Camper
   Utility Bed

EarthRoamer® Truck Photo Galleries
   ER2K with pop-camper
   ER2K with expedition camper
   ER2K with expedition camper

Truck Interior

Description Manufacturer Purchased from Installed by
factory vinyl flooring Daimler Chrysler 1400 Motors Dodge myself
Husky floor liners Winfield Consumer Products, Inc.   myself
Tuffy security console Tuffy Security Products Tuffy Security Products myself
Dynamat Original sheet metal vibration damper installed on cab floor Dynamat   myself

The interior of my truck has been highly modified. First, I removed the seats, carpet, and factory sound-deadening mat. I glued Dynamat and rubber truck liner on the cab floor and rear cab wall to reduce interior noise levels. The factory carpet is impossible to keep clean in an backroad environment so it was replaced with factory vinyl.

Seats and 5 point Racing Harness
The factory seats are rather soft and bouncy on four wheel drive trails, and didn't fit me well, so I replaced them with Recaro Sport seats that fit me much better and provide much more support. Along with the seat replacement, I added five-point safety racing harnesses to both front seats.

Sound System
The factory stereo was replaced with a Panasonic in dash CD player, a 6 CD changer was installed under the driver's seat, and a 600 watt amplifier was installed under the passenger seat. The factory speakers were replaced with MB Quart separates.

Tuffy Security Box
I installed a Tuffy security box between the front seats to provide secure storage.

Gauge and Switch Panel
I removed the ash tray and cup holder from the dash and added a custom built, anodized aluminum gauge and switch panel. Switches were added to the dash for off highway, driving and fog lights, and a switch was added for the air horns.

I used Velcro to attach a Smart Tire tire pressure gauge, Garmin GPS III plus global positioning system, my Nokia cell phone and a case for my sunglasses to the dash immediately in front of me. The Smart Tire pressure gauge monitors tire pressure and sounds an alarm if the pressure falls below my set limit, and hopefully will give me time to stop before the tire is damaged. The Garmin GPS III keeps me on track and is portable so I can take it with me on hikes or boat trips. Having my cell phone and sunglasses close at hand increases safety since I'm not hunting for them when I need them. Attaching with Velcro allows me to store these items in my Tuffy security console when not driving so they aren't attracting thieves.

Pass-through to Camper
Safari Vehicles cut out a pass-through to make it easy to move between the cab and camper. This essentially makes the EarthRoamer® a 2 room home with the cab as one room and the camper as another. I can stop and set up camp without ever leaving my truck if I want to.