Dodge Ram 2500 HD
   Differential & Driveline
   Cooling System
   Batteries & Charging System
   Instrumentation & Controls
   Audio System
   Security Systems
   Seats & Seatbelts
   Recovery Equipment
   Fuel System
   Transmission & Transfer Case
   Tires and Wheels
   Onboard Air

Camper Overview
   Furniture & Interior
   Interior Lighting
   Electrical System
   Environmental Systems
   Water System

Pop-up Camper and Utility Bed
   Pop-up Tent Camper
   Utility Bed

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   ER2K with pop-camper
   ER2K with expedition camper
   ER2K with expedition camper


Description Manufacturer Purchased from Installed by
Superlift 5 inch front lift Superlift Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Redondo Beach, CA Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers
4 Bilstein F4-BE6-6249-H0 front shocks Bilstein Bilstein Myself
2 upper-stud-style shock conversion to EB1 mount style (for front shocks mounted inside the coil springs JKS Manufacturing Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Denver, CO Myself
Borgeson steering shaft Borgeson Universal Company Inc. Borgeson Universal Company Inc. to be installed
2 Bilstein F4-BE6-6249-H0 rear shocks Bilstein Bilstein Myself
Air Lift rear air springs Air Lift Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Denver, CO Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Denver, CO
2 leaves added to rear spring pack (to be replaced by custom National Spring spring packs)   Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Denver, CO Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Denver, CO

The factory shocks that came with my new truck were atrocious, and replacing them with Edelbrock IAS performers was one of the best upgrades I ever made.

When I lifted my truck, the Edelbrocks were too short, so I tried Trailmaster shocks on the recommendation of a four wheel drive shop in Anchorage Alaska. The Trailmasters were great for a couple of hundred miles and then bit the dust. The Trailmasters were junk and as bad or worse than the stock shocks.

I'm now trying Bilstein shocks, and so far they seem to perform well. The single Bilsteins on the rear are valved too soft, so I will modify the shock mounts to accept dual rear shocks on each side and possibly change to heavier shock valving.